Bern Hub, Switzerland

Towards a Future-Proof Life Style

Switzerland faces many challenges that compromise its diverse natural and cultural landscapes. These challenges are far-reaching and include specific practices as well as society’s life style in general. Here, we envision the Bern Hub as becoming a source of inspiration for other European regions facing similar challenges. Our projects address diverse, yet interconnected topics such as biodiversity decline, climate and energy equilibrium, increased mobility for work and leisure, population growth and aging, increasing spatial needs and conflicts, and demand for ecosystem services. All these developments impact both nature and people in Swiss cultural landscapes.. 


The project portfolio currently consists of 15 incubator ideas. More projects will be developed during and after the Wyss Academy’s startup phase in 2020/2021. The Parliament and the Government of the Canton of Bern are taking a particular role of partnership over the next ten years for implementation of incubators and further project development at the Bern Hub. 

HUB Bern Projects


Olivier Jacquat