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Helvetas: «Es braucht wieder mehr Weitsicht und Engagement» Interview mit Nachhaltigkeitsexperte Peter Messerli von der Wyss Academy for Nature an der Universität Bern


Berner Zeitung / Aus den Regionen / Der Bund: "Berner Experte zu Brand im Wallis «Man denkt,
der Wald sei wieder grün und erholt – ein Trugschluss»" (in German)


Berner Zeitung / Bieler Tagblatt / Der Bund: "Perhaps the Jungfrau region could learn
from Kenya" (in German)


Radio SRF 1: "Wyss Academy brings dynamism to the Bernese research world" (in German)


SRF Schweiz aktuell: "Canton of Bern and Wyss Academy team up" (in German)


Berner Zeitung: Wyss Academy for Nature moves into Kochergasse in Bern (in German)


Der Bund: Wyss' million-dollar gift to the University of Bern is now signed and sealed (in German)


SRF: 100 million francs - "This is probably my most expensive signature" (in German)


Wyss Academy presents 15 Bern Hub projects


At a media event on September 21st, representatives of the Canton of Bern and of the Wyss Academy for Nature presented 15 projects

entrusted to the Bern Hub of the Wyss Academy. Using the example of the Lörmoos raised bog nature preserve, they demonstrated how new solutions are being devised with a systemic approach, at the intersection of the areas of climate change, biodiversity and land use. According to Peter Messerli, Director of the Wyss Academy of Nature, a combination of science, practice and innovation is essential: "At the same, it is more urgent than ever that we rigorously transform knowledge into action." More information can be found in our media release, available in German and French


New forms of engagement at the Wyss Academy


The exhibition and meeting space "Habitat" of the Wyss Academy for Nature in Bern will newly present the work "Morphologies", which explores the moment of wonder towards nature that is common to art and science. At the same time, the Wyss Academy is addressing a pressing issue in the field of sustainable development: Engaging with people from research, politics, business, and agriculture on four continents, the first Wyss Academy Dialogues will discuss viable approaches to a sustainable food system. Read More


Executive Council applies for a credit for innovative research and implementation center


A world-leading research and implementation center is to be established in the field of nature and humanity at the University of Bern. The application-oriented center aims to improve nature conservation and environmental protection in line with the needs of economic and social development. The University of Bern, with the involvement of the Canton of Bern, will prepare a funding application worth CHF 100 million for the attention of the Hansjörg Wyss Foundation by April 2019. If successful, the university and the canton would each contribute CHF 50 million to this center over a period of ten years. The Executive Council will request a credit from the Grand Council in the 2019 spring session. Read More


Wyss Academy for Nature founded at the University of Bern


With the Wyss Academy for Nature, a globally leading research and implementation center in the field of nature and people is being set up at the University of Bern. The entrepreneur and patron, Hansjörg Wyss, the President of the Government of the Canton of Bern, Christoph Ammann, and the Rector of the University of Bern, Christian Leumann, ceremoniously signed the contract today. Over the next 10 years, 200 million francs are going to be invested. Read more


Frédéric Anklin

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