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“Solutionscapes” refers to an approach used by the Wyss Academy for Nature to solve the challenges that currently define the relationship between people and nature in landscapes under pressure. Its fundamental goal is to achieve concrete and positive impacts on landscapes – on the ground, by taking into account the specificities of the region, and beyond, by transcending geographic boundaries and assuming a holistic view and reach of global interactions.

Solutionscapes are the Wyss Academy’s answer to today’s wicked problems. The way of developing new solutions to complex challenges – by breaking down silos and engaging local communities, policymakers, and scientists to jointly transform ideas into action. Taking the form of a living lab, this experimental approach tests potential solutions in real-life environments. It includes establishing a coalition for change with key stakeholders, co-creating a shared vision based on scientific understanding of system dynamics, testing incubators and triggering feedback loops for system transformation, as well as monitoring, evaluation, and learning to enable adaptation and scaling of promising innovations.

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