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From PlusEnergy Neighborhoods to the PlusEnergy City

HUB BERN | Project AUE-3

Our goal:

Encourage the transformation process of Bernese cities towards CO2 neutrality.

In a nutshell:

To achieve the goal of this project, findings from individual preliminary projects of the Canton of Bern on PlusEnergy neighborhoods will be applied to the city’s whole system. In addition to energy production, the consumer side (including the key drivers -mobility, housing, and food) will also be included to promote sustainable urban development. The aim is to develop concrete pilot projects and implementation examples that can be replicated throughout Switzerland. A central element of this project is the involvement of stakeholders at all levels, which will be ensured through a comprehensive participatory process.

The project regularly holds exchange events with experts and the partner cities to promote dialogue between them and provide the opportunity for new inputs. These events have highlighted the necessity of establishing a participatory platform, known as “decidim”. As a result, the has been created, and in 2023, the first urban participatory project will be launched using this digital space.

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In collaboration with:

Office for Environment and Energy of the Canton of Bern


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