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Circular Economy Entrepreneurs CE2: Promoting the circular economy

BERN HUB | Project GS-1

Our goal:

Our aim is to work together with the CE2 platform as a driving force for a new, nationwide movement on behalf of a circular economy. Its mission is to help responsible, resource-conserving businesses achieve breakthroughs in Switzerland.

Peter Messerli (Director, Wyss Academy for Nature) and Christoph Ammann (Member of the Executive Council of the Canton of Bern) participate in a panel discussion at the 2020 CE2 Conference. Photo: NZZ Connect

In a nutshell:

Circular Economy Entrepreneurs (CE2) was launched in 2019. CE2 is a national competence and exchange platform for the circular economy model. It aims to give a collective voice to businesses that are already working to realize a circular economy. At the same time, it provides orientation and inspiration for businesses that are concerned about resource use and the circular economy, but are poorly networked and unsure how to approach the topic. Such businesses are encouraged to benefit from the know-how, knowledge transfer, and networking available on the platform. CE2 is about much more than just technological questions. Clever business models and innovative materials and designs are considered to be equally as important as societal transformation processes. The Wyss Academy for Nature supports the annual CE2 conference organized by NZZ Connect as well as periodic regional CE2 labs. These provide a learning platform for actors from business, science, and politics. They promote transdisciplinary and multi-sectoral dialogue and support the long-term anchoring of the circular economy model in the Swiss SME landscape. Learn more about CE2 here: CE2 | circular economy entrepreneurs


In collaboration with:

Wirtschafts-, Energie- und Umweltdirektion des Kantons Bern WEU(Department of Economic Affairs, Energy, and the Environment of the Canton of Bern); NZZ Connect

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