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Nature park stations in Bernese parks

BERN HUB | Project AGR-1

Our goal

Our aim is to support the nature park stations in Bernese parks in making sustainability tangible and accessible, anchoring it in the minds of visitors and the broader population.

The Diemtigtal offers impressive natural and cultural landscapes. Photo: Diemtigtal Nature Park

In a nutshell:

In the regional nature parks of Diemtigtal, Gantrisch, and Chasseral, new solutions are being developed and tested that seek to meet the needs of tourism and for the protection of natural resources simultaneously. With nature park stations, the aim is to combine nature experiences with educational activities on topics such as biodiversity, sustainable development, protection and use of natural resources, and sustainable development. Sustainability will be made tangible and accessible to park residents and park visitors. Newly developed offerings are designed to support information sharing as well as visitor guidance, sensitization, and regional exchange. Demand-oriented, sustainable tourism services can promote innovation and the generation of added value in the region. The development of the nature park stations in three regional nature parks is being accompanied and supported by a research project. In collaboration with key stakeholders, new ideas are developed and promising innovations from other local and global contexts are tested for feasibility onsite and made practicable for the Bernese parks. The Bernese parks are an ideal testing ground for the development of sustainable tourism programs and infrastructure, as they already represent pilot regions for the federal biodiversity strategy and serve as models of sustainable regional development.

Educational activities and nature experiences sensitize children and adults regarding biodiversity promotion and sustainable development in the region. Photo: Regional Park Chasseral

Free-flowing waters, shady spots in the forest, and numerous sand and gravel banks make the Sense and Schwarzwasser gorge a popular recreation area. Photo: Gantrisch Nature Park

In collaboration with:

Amt für Gemeinden und Raumordnung des Kantons Bern (AGR)

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