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Fostering solutions in Tambopata, Peru

The tourism sector faces significant challenges in Tambopata province, Peru. These challenges include a lack of competitiveness among stakeholders, poor public-private coordination, ineffective service management, and increased pressure on natural resources, all identified through our partnership with Swisscontact. In 2024, the Wyss Academy for Nature, alongside our local partners and community of practice, will focus on addressing these needs and gaps to achieve transformative change. 


The efforts in the tourism sector are part of a broader project called 'Active Networks for Transformative Change,' which includes various other activities in Madre de Dios. Currently, we are collaborating with regional actors to co-design a government-funded proposal for driving innovation and entrepreneurship (ERIE) and support private companies in sustainable investment initiatives.  


Furthermore, we are supporting the development of three youth programs for leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as the Bamboo Research Circle (CIB). We are conducting several experiments with the Amazon nut (also known as Brazil nut), a valuable non-timber forest product. 


At the Wyss Academy for Nature, we believe that engaging with all stakeholders is crucial for fostering solutions, and for maintaining healthy forests and multifunctional landscapes. 


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