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A strategic plan for the Tambopata Reserve buffer zone

At the Wyss Academy for Nature, we are proud to announce that a strategic plan for the Tambopata Reserve buffer zone has been developed in collaboration with Conservación Amazonica (ACCA), the Tambopata Reserve Management Committee, and the Peruvian Protected Area Agency (SERNANP). 


Buffer zones around protected areas play a crucial role in balancing conservation and development and ensuring the long-term sustainability of natural ecosystems and human communities. 


The strategic plan for Tambopata Reserve was developed based on mapped stakeholder needs, and we aim to leverage this experience to formulate nationwide guidelines. Hub South America is now looking forward to the next steps in this project, as they work to integrate this plan into the development strategy of Tambopata province. 


At the Wyss Academy, we continue to support research in the topic. Current work is undergoing that aims at creating an analytical framework for assessing the relationship, barriers, and opportunities in policy and regulation concerning the multifunctionality of the landscape. 



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