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Empowering the Harakbut Indigenous People

We at the Wyss Academy for Nature are working closely with our local partners at Hub South America to attract investments that will empower the Indigenous Harakbut people in Madre de Dios, Peru.  


Along with ECA Amarakaeri, Conservación Amazónica (ACCA), the Indigenous population in Tambopata province and Sumy Kujon, we are working to engage native people with economic opportunities that will also preserve their cultural identity. With the project “Sonidos del Bosque”, we are committed to preserving Indigenous knowledge and its transmission through generations, fostering the development of the territory with a deep understanding of nature, and empowering language and cultural heritage. 


We are also facilitating the collaboration between the textile know-how of the indigenous populations of the Tambopata province with the experience in fashion design and market access of the renowned fashion designer Sumy Kujon. This exchange of knowledge will strengthen traditional environmentally friendly techniques while also meeting the demand for products in the global fashion markets. 


Achieving a balance between nature conservation and human well-being requires insights from different knowledge systems. That is why, in Madre de Dios, we are working to bridge gaps among different groups and foster communication channels for learning, adapting, and growing together. 


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