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Annual Report

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Annual Report 2023

Now more than ever  

Envision a world in which nature conservation and human well-being are not only mutually dependent, but also reinforce each other. Finding ways of realizing this vision, is what the Wyss Academy for Nature is about — and now more than ever, we need better ways of combining knowledge with action.     


You can read more about how we do this in the Wyss Academy Annual Report for 2023, which is now available online. 

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Annual Report 2022

From knowing to doing

With a multitude of experts around the world working on the issues surrounding our climate, biodiversity, and land use for the past few decades – why has progress been so slow? How do we ensure that all this knowledge is used where it is needed? At the heart of the Wyss Academy for Nature lies the desire to better combine knowledge with action.  


In 2022, all units within this young organization became fully operational. 61 key staff in Switzerland, Kenya, Madagascar, Peru and Laos put its Strategy for 2022-2024 to the test and working together, sought and tested solutions to our complex, interconnected problems.  


You can read more about this in the Wyss Academy Annual Report for 2022, which is now online. 

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Year 2021

At a time in which the world's attention has been captured by one crisis after the other - most recently, the war against Ukraine - we must not neglect one of the most enduring and potentially, most threatening crises that humanity faces today: the imminent threat to its environment. The Wyss Academy was founded to provide a new approach to dealing with this crisis and its interconnected problems. Having made considerable steps toward becoming fully operational over the past year, we now look forward to new projects, and to further growing our initial efforts.

You can read about the progress made in 2021 in many fields, and the challenges we had to address in our new Annual Report, linked below. This year, we optimized it for online viewing. The Financial Report can also be accessed online.

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Year 2020

Founded in May 2020, the Wyss Academy for Nature looks back with pride at what we have been able to achieve during these turbulent times, marked around the world by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have had to adjust our organization’s ramp-up phase, which is ongoing – and at the same time, we feel reaffirmed that the Wyss Academy’s mission is important and timely. Now more than ever, we must break down the silos of science, policy and practice so that people can work together to develop innovations that will benefit both nature and society.

Our first Annual and Financial Reports are now available online. Using the links below, look back with us at this eventful year and at how we are preparing our unique new institution for its coming role.

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