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Pre-defined Purposes

Step 2: Select your purpose

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Congratulations on having defined the purpose of your engagement activity! This was an important step for being able to select the appropriate method to guide your engagement activity.


You are now being presented a selection of pre-defined purposes. Please pick the one that applies the most to your just defined purpose.

List of engagement purposes

Knowledge sharing & Learning

Groups aim to spread expertise, share experiences, and collectively increase their knowledge base on specific topics, enhancing the overall competency of the group.

Possible Methods

Innovation & Problem-Solving

These groups are looking to break out of conventional thinking patterns, create novel solutions, and address pressing challenges in innovative ways.

Possible Methods

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration

The goal here is to ensure inclusive participation, harmonize diverse perspectives, and build consensus, promoting a collaborative approach to address shared challenges.

Possible Methods

Visioning & Future Planning

Groups focus on outlining their long-term vision, setting milestones, and devising strategies to achieve their envisioned future, ensuring alignment with their core values.

Possible Methods

Policy Engagement & Advocacy

Participants work towards influencing policy-making, advocating for specific causes, and ensuring that their voices and concerns are heard and considered at decision-making levels. Strongly linked to the challenges in the Hubs.

Possible Methods

Building Communities & Strengthening Ties

The emphasis is on community-building, fostering trust, nurturing relationships, and creating a sense of belonging and unity among members.

Possible Methods

Co-Creation & Participatory Design

Groups aim for collaborative design processes, valuing inputs from all participants, and co-creating solutions, strategies, or products. Ensuring to create a safe space for diverse stakeholder groups.

Possible Methods

Research & Academic Exploration

The objective is to delve deep into academic or research topics, explore hypotheses, and collaboratively contribute to the knowledge pool. Supporting researchers in applying the most appropriate methods to engage with stakeholders for e.g. data collection. How to keep stakeholders engaged without leaving the feeling of having “exploited” them by only collecting their data?

Possible Methods

Cultural & Narrative Exploration

Here, groups look to explore, understand, and celebrate cultural narratives, histories, and stories, fostering mutual respect and understanding. How to tell stories to and about our stakeholders?

Possible Methods

Systems & Complexity Understanding

Participants aim to unravel complex systems, understand interdependencies, and strategize keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Possible Methods

Feedback & Iterative Improvement

Groups focus on continuous improvement, valuing feedback loops, refining strategies or products based on feedback, and evolving iteratively.

Possible Methods

Strategic Planning & Alignment

The goal is to set clear strategic directions, ensure alignment with broader objectives, and prioritize initiatives that bring the group closer to its goals.

Possible Methods

Exploration of values & Ethics

Participants delve into core values, ethical considerations, and ensure that their actions and decisions are in alignment with these core principles

Possible Methods

Public Engagement & Outreach

Groups aim to engage with the wider public, disseminate information, raise awareness on specific topics, and drive public opinion or behavior in desired directions. How to tell the stories that are happening “on the ground”/Solutionscape level on a global level (with the aim to scale, find collaborators for systems transformation)?"

Possible Methods
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