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Engagement is one of the three pillars of the Wyss Academy for Nature for achieving its mission.
This toolbox shall support you in designing and facilitating meaningful engagement activities.

How to use the Engagement Toolbox

Discover your perfect engagement tool for your activity's purpose by following these 3 steps!


Identify the purpose

This is the first step to designing a purposeful engagement activity!

It is key to start by identifying the purpose of the engagement activity and then choose a tool you wish to apply.

Please go through the Chaordic Stepping Stones (explanation here) and identify the purpose of your engagement activity (click below) 


Match the identified purpose

Congratulations on having defined the purpose of your engagement activity! This was an important step for being able to select the appropriate method to guide your engagement activity.


You are now being presented a selection of pre-defined purposes. Please pick the one that applies the most to your just defined purpose!


Choose your engagement tools

After having selected the pre-defined purpose most closely related to the one you defined in step 1, decide on one method you wish to guide your engagement activity.


You will find the tools to support you in designing the engagement activity by clicking on the method you just selected.

Your feedback is important to us

Please share your experience with the Engagement Toolbox and send us an email to:

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