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Semi-circular bunds project: Vegetation is growing and elephants are visiting!

The Wyss Academy for Nature’s teams are thrilled to share exciting news about our ongoing efforts in Laikipia County, Kenya, where we partner with the Naibunga Community Conservancy. The latest satellite imagery, captured for monitoring the semi-circular bunds, has revealed remarkable progress and development in the growth of vegetation.  

The contrast from March 2023, when the initial bunds were dug into the ground, to the current state recorded in December 2023, is visible. Over time, the soil has become greener, and we were able to deepen ties and collaboration with the local community and our partners.  

The images are also surprising because they show elephants in the area. A herd has been captured visiting the bunds, adding another layer of significance to our work. Witnessing this positive impact reinforces our commitment to fostering a better relationship between people and nature.

The upper picture shows the freshly dug bunds in march. The lower picture shows the same area of bunds in december with a exciting site of an elephant family visiting. Imagery: Airbus Pléiades Neo (2023)


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