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Armando Valdés-Velásquez joins the South America Team as Senior Advisor

We are thrilled to announce that Armando Valdés-Velásquez is joining the South America Team as Senior Advisor. Here, he tells us about himself and why he joined the team 🌿

Who are you and what’s your background?

I have worked for nearly 20 years in South America, both in academia and as a practitioner, trying to understand and improve the interface between humans and nature, mainly concerning biodiversity conservation, natural resources and territorial management, sustainable development, and climate response change. I believe that only by bringing all the stakeholders and rights holders together will we be able to come up with successful solutions to our main problems.

Why did you join the Academy?

I joined the Academy as both our goals and visions align closely. I believe in a sustainable and just world where all living creatures are desirable. I like the Academy's emphasis on learning and sharing as a community.

What do you look forward to working on?

I look forward to pooling expertise and experience from various stakeholders and rights holders to creatively assess the different global to local situations and propose potential solutions to try out, mainly in South America. I also look forward to learning from the other members of the Academy, their knowledge and expertise, and sharing my insights and perspectives. I believe we will be able to take steps toward success!


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