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Dr. Van Hai Nguyen

Postdoctoral Researcher, Transformational Research Integrative Biodiversity Conservation Science

Dr. Van Hai Nguyen is a postdoctoral researcher on governance and policy in the research team on Integrative Biodiversity Conservation Science. In her work, she combines multiple social science approaches to discover the local impact of global environmental problems, as well as issues of social justice, human vulnerability and resilient capacity in the context of change. Educated in the Netherlands (MSc.) and Switzerland (Ph.D) and with long-term work as a NGO policy analyst, she takes a transformative approach as a knowledge broker to work at the interface between experts, society and decision-makers, in order to support an evidence-based decision-making process. Her field work has tended to concentrate on mainland Southeast Asia and has started to extend to other Global South regions, such as East Africa.


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