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Gaining Momentum in Madagascar

Maroansetra National Park, in Mahalevona Valley, Madagascar Photo:

Our Coalition for Change is gaining momentum in Madagascar. Over the past year, the Wyss Academy has been working diligently on co-designing our Solutionscape, bringing together key stakeholders and hosting several events focused on establishing a shared vision for the Mahalevona Valley.  

This region comprises five villages: Ankovana, Fizono, Antanambao, Mahalevona, and Masindrano. Through meetings and workshops, diverse groups of stakeholders and local partners have utilized scientific evidence and valuable local knowledge to explore pathways for transformation and share ideas on addressing current social and environmental challenges.  

Madagascar is renowned as one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots, yet it is threatened by deforestation. Despite challenges, the collective efforts of stakeholders represent a promising step towards sustainable development in the Mahalevona Valley.  

Our local network and efforts for positive change continue to grow, with village visions gaining endorsement from local authorities. At the same time, collaborations with partners are thriving, and new valuable research contributions are being made on topics such as deforestation agents, soil values, basic incomes for conservation, and transformation pathways. 


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