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Sheila Funnell joins the Hub East Africa Team as an Innovation & Impact Specialist

We are thrilled to announce that Sheila Funnell is joining the Hub East Africa Team as an Innovation and Impact Specialist. Here is a few words on her and why she joined the team 🌿

Photo : ©Wild Elements

Who are you and what is your background?

I have worked in the conservation sector in Africa for more than ten years. I strongly believe in the power of people to conserve and coexist with the natural world if they are given the opportunity to contribute to, and adapt, to a changing environment in a way that secures the future for the resources that they rely on and value. I believe the inclusion of women in this process is central for its success.

Why did you join the Academy?

I joined the Academy as it's vision aligns very closely with my vision for the future of our world - a just and sustainable world in which the conservation of nature and human wellbeing reinforce each other. There is an emphasis on co-existence which nurtures the relationship between all living things on earth.

What do you look forward to working on?

I look forward to learning from the immense wealth of knowledge that the Academy harbours- in Bern and globally. I look forward to being creative in finding solutions to the challenges impacting nature in East Africa. Most of all, I look forward to learning from experiences, and scaling what works, for impact.


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