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Participatory mapping exercise in Kipsing, Isiolo

Managing fragile natural resources starts with a sound understanding of their location and dynamics.

Together with the National Land Commission, other key national institutions and the local communities, the Hub East Africa, partnered with CETRAD, has started a large data field collection campaign combining modern mobile applications and local knowledge captured through participatory mapping. Thanks to this initiative, all springs, rivers, wetlands, wildlife habitats and other key resources will be put on the map and protected through the development of a co-management framework engaging the government and the local communities.

The participatory mapping exercise with the local government and communities in Kipsing, Isiolo will map wildlife areas and corridors, as well as the main grazing areas for livestock. It will tentatively place all natural resources on the map. Participants will then go to the field with local guides to take GPS points, pictures, and collect information about the relevant resources.


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