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Circular Societies

In our project on Circular Societies, we aim to synthesize different angles and open questions around the topic to be able to present a comprehensive view and perspective on what a Circular Society means in light of our vision and mission. 

The Wyss Academy is seeking collaboration with brave allies who are willing to explore the unknown, pose uncomfortable questions and bring together ideas that will shape a common understanding of a circular society. In four workshops we aim to build exciting and unlikely relationships between individuals and organizations around the world. After exploring various aspects of a circular society in the first three workshops, we will connect the dots and dive into action in our last session. Together, we also want to design innovations for a circular society. The Wyss Academy will provide support and funding for the best ideas to test of these innovations in real life.

Your stories, your knowledge, your creativity, and your commitment to building a just and resilient world are needed in this co-creation process. Together, we aim to move beyond a focus on technical or economic aspects. A circular society extends the view to include all dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic.

24. Jan 2023, 2-6 pm CET (online)

1) Understanding the economic and societal implications of a transformation toward Circular Societies.

25. Jan 2023, 2-6 pm CET (online)

2) Aiming for a just transformation and including a global perspective.

27. Jan 2023, 2-6 pm CET (online)

3) Understanding the interdependencies with natural resources such as biodiversity and ecosystems, land, or climate of a transformation toward circular societies.

Spring 2023, full day – (online)

4) Co-creation event: Designing innovations for a circular society


You can find more information on the workshop-series in the provided invitation as well as in the concept note.

You can register for each workshop with the form below. Participants can take part in the entire event series or in individual workshops.


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Previous Conversations

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Swiss Sustainability Forum 2022

How can Switzerland become more sustainable? This very question was discussed from 23 to 24 September in the Kursaal Bern. As a partner of the Swiss Sustainability Forum 2022, we dived into the complex topic together with the more than 500 conference participants and were inspired by personalities such as Adrianne Grillbride (ESG Specialist, on running), Ellen MacArthur (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and Solomon Baumgartner (CIO, Sibelco).


During our deep dive session, lead by Théo Fischer and Fiona Stappmanns, over 100 stakeholders from politics, business, civil society, and NGOs, discussed the opportunities of a circular society for Switzerland. We thank all the participants for bringing in their different perspectives, critical remarks and inspiring calls for action and are looking forward to diving deeper into the discussion and co-creating our vision of a circular society with you. 


Further information on the Swiss Sustainability Forum can be found at

Photo: ©SustainableSwitzerland


Fiona Stappmanns


Tatjana von Steiger

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Sandra Feuz

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